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Yuki Yaki
by Emmerichk
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Emmerichk's music is a wilful mix of sound carpets, clicks-and-cuts and rhythmical micro-structures. Many tracks also adress dancefloor audience as minimal an dub techno elements are involved in these songs. Emmerichk's Nebadon EP on Yuki Yaki offers Minimal House tunes with an edge. Crispy clicks and cuts garnish warm floating chords at cosy minor over a well composed layer of hypnotically pounding rhythms - never to fast to spoil the relaxed scenery. And it is a real pity that all delightful...
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Topics: Electronica, Electro, IDM, Minimal Techno
by Cyclyk
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Cyclyk is back on Plex for our tenth reference. An ambitious and demanding but bewitching release. A journey with many colors and surprising outlines. A canvas with heavy atmosphere. Calcified is not only an addition of tracks but a true succession of minimalist and intimist pictures. Childhood evocation is the subject. Fake naivety that creates a so particular environment, disturbing and familiar at the same time. Concept of minimalism and work on the musical material are, here, a genuinely...
by Miles Tilmann
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comment 2 exp038 Miles Tilmann Melt LP For his full-length release at Experimedia, Miles Tilmann gives us a collection of both old and new tracks. Covering mostly ambient territory, and similar to his work on Toytronic's 3D Concepts series. Gracefully mastered by Brian Grainger, these archived pieces are warm, bubbly and spacious. Melt is the aural equivalent of bathing in hot springs deep inside immense caverns, perfect for a warm summer drive or a cozy night indoors. Intimate,...
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Topic: Ambient, IDM, Electronica, Atmospheric, Film Score, Enviornmental, Textural, Soundscape